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A Taste of Sardinia


Sardinia, an Italian island located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, famous for its clear and pristine waters, unspoiled nature, rich traditions and folklore, has made its way to West Palm Beach through our popular family restaurant, Zona Blu. The distinctive flavors of Sardinian cuisine are not just Italian in origin, they are derived from a variety of influences. Starting with the Phoenicians and followed by Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Moors, and Spanish, among others, the island was conquered and occupied by nearly every Mediterranean power for more than 2,500 years. As a result, modern day Sardinia is a one-of-a-kind tapestry of cultures, folklore, customs and a truly unique food scene. 

Sardinia is recognized as one of the blue regions in the world, where people on the island are 10 times more likely to live to 100 years than those living in the United States.  Sardinia is famous for its healthy lifestyle, organic diet and for drinking lots of heart-healthy wine. In fact, the hallmark of Sardinian hospitality is welcoming people to the table. We invite you to grab a seat, have a drink, enjoy Sardinian-inspired dishes, and most importantly to toast “A Kent’ Annos” – or, as commonly cheered in Sardinia, “to 100 years!”




Opened in 2015, Zona Blu quickly became a local favorite, a foodie destination, and a place for the “in the know” tourists and food critics alike. In 2016, Zona Blu was voted one of the top 5 new restaurants in Broward and Palm Beach County by City & Shore Magazine and the accolades continue to this day.

Zona Blu is not a restaurant “concept”, rather, it is a restaurant that was created by 4 Sardinians who share a love for the island that they call home. Our passion for the food and wine that we are privileged to enjoy on the island, a sense of family that has contributed to the longevity of Sardinians, and our desire to bring all of the best attributes that Sardinia has to offer to South Florida, culminated in the creation of Zona Blu!

Image by Chloe Frost-Smith
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“I can still remember waking up on Sunday mornings to the aroma of the fresh pasta being prepared by my mom and the piglet that my dad was preparing to roast on the fire. After our big feast we would go the beach for the rest of the day until the sun set.”



"In 1982, my father bought a restaurant. As a young man, I preferred to spend time with him in the kitchen rather than hang out with my friends. The restaurant was a family affair… My mother was a cook, my sisters were our waitresses and we cherished being a family run business. We all enjoyed working through the seasons, but particularly enjoyed the summer when we had an influx of clients from all over the world."

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“As kids we were fortunate to spend summers in Sardegna surrounded by family. Everything we did centered around food and fun! We would play in the Mediterranean waters all day while our aunts and uncles prepared fresh fish and homemade sausage on the outdoor brick oven. Dinner was always very late in the evening and usually consisted of a delicious soup or pasta with fresh tomato sauce, artichokes, a light salad, and freshly picked fruit from our uncle’s farm (plums, cherries, oranges, cactus fruit, figs, and apricots were plentiful).”



After arriving in the United States in 2020 and adjusting to living in a foreign country during the pandemic, he discovered a little taste of home while allowing him live the American dream... Zona Blu. 


Yari started his Zona Blu career as a Server at Zona Blu Weston and he now proudly serves as Restaurant Manager at Zona Blu West Palm Beach where he oversees the day-to-day operations and ensures that our guests leave Zona Blu feeling as though they’ve just been transported to Sardinia.