Executive Chef Andrea Fadda’s culinary career began early on, inspired by his Sardinian parents homemade cooking and their respect for quality and tradition in the kitchen. After graduating from the prestigious College of Cuisine in Porto Pino, Sardinia, Chef Fadda pursued many opportunities to further his culinary skills and creativity. His culinary repertoire expanded with many internships under renowned chefs throughout Europe where Andrea developed a deep understanding of culinary techniques, a knowledge of the various products from his environment and the meaning of hard work in the kitchen. From there, he continued to develop his skills in 5-star hotels throughout the Italian Alps during the winter and on the famous Emerald Coast of Sardinia during the summer.  In the late 1990’s, he worked for some of the most glamorous restaurants in Paris, London and Mexico, pleasing the palettes of exclusive clientele. He then went on to launch a restaurant in a luxury resort in the Seychelles Islands, followed by openings in the Maldives Islands, Zanzibar, Cuba, Egypt, Cape Verde Islands, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.  In 2006, he returned to Sardinia to take over the kitchens of 12 restaurants in a renowned resort group.  After only three years, the hotel and its restaurants appeared in award-winning publications due his creative menus that incorporated his extensive travels.


Love, and a desire “to live the American dream”, led him to South Florida where he is raising two children with his wife, Kiry.  Since arriving in Florida, Andrea has developed a following and is making it his mission to bring a bit of Sardinia’s lifestyle and cuisine to South Florida.

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“I can still remember waking up on Sunday mornings to the aroma of the fresh pasta being prepared by my mom and the piglet that my dad was preparing to roast on the fire. After our big feast we would go the beach for the rest of the day until the sun set.

“Ricordo la domenica mattina, mi svegliavo con il profumo della pasta fresca che mia mamma preparava e mio pardre che preparava il maialino da cucinare al fuoco.  E doppo la grande mangiate si andava in spiaggia fino al tramonto.”