Chef Zallu’s passion for culinary art began early on in his family’s restaurant on the beautiful island of Sardinia.  He worked many years alongside his parents, who taught him the importance of working hard, respecting tradition and adhering to high-quality ingredients.  


After working as a chef for many years in his family’s restaurant, Chef Zallu sought opportunities to refine his culinary skills in several prestigious restaurants in Porto Cervo, Rome and Milan. His quest to expand his techniques led him to travel to England and Germany, where he continued to develop his creativity as an Executive Chef.

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Me and My Sister, Giusy

In 2014, Chef Zallu achieved his dream of moving to America where he found love, got married and settled in Palm Beach, Florida. Since arriving in South Florida, Chef Zallu has applied his culinary talents in restaurants in Miami, Singer Island and Palm Beach. Today, Chef Zallu is Executive Chef at Zona Blu’s second location where his culinary skills will come full circle – from his parent’s restaurant in Sardinia, to traveling the world and working in some of the finest establishments, to ultimately joining award-winning Zona Blu Sardinian restaurant in West Palm Beach. His mission at Zona Blu is precisely what his parents instilled in him from a young age—to create a welcoming atmosphere and offer quality food while respecting traditional Sardinian cuisine. 


My Sister’s First Communion 1970’s


My dad

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Family farm in Valledoria, Sardegna